PADI Professional Diving Course

PADI Assistant Instructor

The homestretch before becoming an instructor

As a PADI Assistant Instructor, you can not only guide certified divers into the underwater world and assist instructors in teaching some portions of the courses, but also teach some non-diving courses on your own, as well as conduct DSD programs in confined a water. And you're only one step away from your instructorship!

Current EFR
60 logged dives
Certified diver: 6 months+
Diving theory and teaching standards
2 Confined Water dives + 2 Open Water Dives
5 days - 24,000 INR

For those of you who want to start "from scratch", we also offer assistant instructor internships, in 4 to 6 months, including 60 dives, and during which the candidate will work at the Dive Centre on a daily basis:

Zero to Assistant Instructor:
OW + Advanced + Rescue + EFR + Divemaster + Assistant Instr.
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Zero to Assistant Instuctor Premium:
Previous package + EANx Nitrox + Deep
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Zero to Assistant Instructor Platinum:
Previous package + EFR First Aid Instructor
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Important Notices:
Equipment: Prices do not include gear rental, as instructors should have their own complete set of gear. Complete kit can be rented for 1000 INR a day.
Crew Pack: For all of the programs and offers, the candidate must purchase the PADI Instructor Crew Pack, which includes all necessary books, DVDs and documents. You can obtain it from Temple Adventures for 678 AUD.
Application Fee: Once your Assistant Instructor program is completed, you'll have to submit your Assistant Instructor application to PADI. Application fees amount to 95 AUD in 2015.
Special offer: Stick around and help for one month
after your assistant instructor course
and get a FREE Nitrox course!