• Lion Fish Spectacular @ Ghosts Gallery

  • Fan Garden @ Aravind's Wall

  • Big Boy Grouper @ Grouper's Gorge

  • Bubbly @ 4 Corners

  • Morey & Shrimp @ Cool Shark

  • Cave @ Aravind's Wall

  • Before sinking @ Cuddlore Wreck

  • Batfish roaming @ Anna's Breakfast

  • Grouper Patrol @ Temple Reef

  • Say hi everyone! @ The Quarry

  • Sylvan's Site @ Aravind's Wall

  • Defend our house! @ Ghost Gallery

  • Lion Rock @ Aravind's Wall

  • Triggerfish underwater scape @ The Wall

live Pondy's Dive Sites
An unexpected diving destination

World class diving
Pondicherry, India has world class diving. Who would have thought? We hear again and again "There's nothing to see there". To this we ask "Have you ever tried it?". That causes some flabbergasted and awkward reactions. Lying in the tropical zone of our world, the marine life on show in Pondicherry is truely amazing. Lying on the 11th parallel, the same species as in other world class areas such as South East Asia, Red Sea, Caribbean and the Great Barrier Reef rule here.

Tropical marine life
Giant Groupers, massive Barracuda schools, huge Moreys and more give us smiles everyday as they look out from rocky hollows, or swim past mid water. Of course we have all the regular species of Bannerfish, Butterfly fish, Angelfish, Lionfish, Shrimps, Torpedo Rays, snappers etc. Plus the occasional Whale shark, Dolphin School, Manta Ray and Turtles.

Climate, seasons and conditions
And you can see all this 365 days a year! That's right! No seasons, no waiting for the water to become warmer : it's always between 25 and 30ÂșC. Just book in and dive! Of course there are traditionally "better" times of year to dive, but in the end it is up to Mother Nature what she gives us everyday. January - May and August - November are the best months of Scuba Diving Pondicherry has to offer. Changes in currents produce calm and still waters and 20m-30m visibility. Due to the demand in this season book in asap to avoid disappointment. Please see our average visibility chart for more info

Dive sites topography
For the first 10 km from the shore, Pondicherry offers a sandy bottom ideal for macro-diving, as well as sighting of barracudas, batfish and gropers. Around 15km frm the coast, the Indian continental plate breaks the sand plain at 30 meters depth, and a coral seascape awaits the dives. The locals of Pondy, and our regular divers all complete their Advanced Open Water and Nitrox certifications, allowing them to experience all of Pondy's spectacular underwater beauty. The deeper areas (40+m) are reserved for Deep and Tri-Mix divers.